LeBron switching things up

While Clevelander’s wait anxiously on weather or not LeBron will re-sign with the Cavs in the summer of 2010, people will know at least one question to next year. LeBron has filled out paperwork to switch from the number 23 to the number 6 next season. The deadline is friday and LeBron has reported that “I’ve done it” (ESPN). In November LeBron stated that he would like to switch numbers next season to honor Michael Jordan. He has stated that the number 23 should be retired and no one should wear 23 ever again.

The number 6 is also known for past legends who has played the game. A few that come to mind are Julius Erving, and Bill Russell. James, however idolized Jordan and was a huge fan of his growing up. It is believed that number 6 was choosen because he wears the number for the Olympic team, and he even practices with the number 6 (ESPN). Plenty of big name superstars have changed their numbers in the past, Michael Jordan briefly wore the number 45 after coming out of retirement with the bulls and Kobe Bryant also switched numbers from 8 to 24.

While switching numbers has shaken some talk up, it certainly will shake up the summer of 2010. The free agency of 2010 might be the best the NBA has ever had and James switching numbers might lead on to some speculation. James filled out nessacery paperwork for the NBA league offices to grant James wish, but why would he file paperwork? If he leaves the Cavaliers this summer he will be getting a new jersey and the number of his choice. However, if he stays with the Cavaliers and wanted to switch numbers he must file paperwork and send them to the league office before the deadline.Stayong with Cleveland is a very good possibility and filling out those papers might be a great sign for things to come in Cleveland.

As a Clevelander I would not get my hopes to high, until I see James is for sure coming back to Cleveland in 2010 for many years to come.



  1. I thought about doing a blog concerning the number switch. You got this one taken care of though. Thanks for the feedback man. I did the same for you.

    Would you be interested in doing some argument style articles?

    • Argument stlye articles? About what? I love to argue about sports, I am very interested! Please tell me what’s you’re idea’s

      • We could do something on the NCAA Tournament. We give the teams that we see making it to the Final Four..

        We could try and predict how the playoffs will end up going, when that times comes.

        There are a few ways we could do it..

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