Cavalier’s hurting

On a night where it seemed like everyone in the stands expected a loss it turned out to be a huge victory for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cleveland reached 50 wins on the season and was the first team to do so in the 2009-2010 season. It took a total team effort while the Cav’s superstars were in street clothes. LeBron was resting an ankle, Shaq was not even on the bench and Antawn Jamison left in the 3rd quarter with a sore knee.

That being said the Cavaliers had 6 players score in double figures with Jamison leading the way with 17 points and 4 rebounds before he left with a sore knee. Mo Williams granted his promise to Cleveland fan’s vowing he’d play better and he did with an 18 point, 8 rebound and 8 assist game. Jawad Williams had 13 points, and 5 rebounds starting in place of LeBron James and Delonte and Andy added a much-needed boost from the bench with respective 16 points and 11 points.

The main story however was Jamison. After leaving the third with a sore knee many wondered if it will be long-term. “Everything was fine in the first half. In the second half, it stiffened up,” Jamison said. “I couldn’t get the range of motion I needed. I had a slight case of this the first month of the season. It’s not anything to really be worried about.” Let’s hope not, Jamison was considered by many as the final piece to a championship run and with him out long-term could mean bad things for Cavalier fans.

With LeBron sure to suit up friday and Shaq recovering from a thumb injury the Cavaliers look like they will be fine. If Jamison isn’t worried about the knee and said he will play on friday all things are looking up for the Cavaliers, at least that’s what I’s like to think.


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  1. Where you been wineandgold?

    I was wondering how you got the pictures on the side of your page? I was looking to change the theme of my site, and wanted to do something similar to that.

    Also, let me know what you think of my most recent post. It has to do with the NBA Rookie of the Year, I want to see your take on that. Thanks

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