Small Equals BIG Success

On March 1st it seemed like even Danny Green would have scored 30 points against the New York Knicks. The Cavs led by 12 after the 1st quarter and never looked back after that. At halftime the Cavs were already blowing out the Knicks, a score of 74-48 and looking forward to a stat stuffing second half with no worries of a comeback.

LeBron lead the way with 22 points, 7 Rebounds, 7 Assists, 2 blocks and 2 steals while newly acquired Jamison added 17 points and 12 rebounds. Delonte ended up with 15, Andy added 14 points and 10 rebounds and MO had 10 helpers. It seemed everyone had a big night, even Leon Powe looked strong in the paint.

Playing without a true center the Cavaliers had to play small. JJ HIckson played a very solid game as it was his first career start as a center and he played bigger than all 6 foot 9 inches of him. The Cavaliers played fast and use their athleticism and quickness get the best of the Knicks. Also with such a small lineup the Cavs out-rebounded the Knicks by a wide margin of 60-31 playing as if they had no worries of no big man in the lineup.

This pretty much tells the whole league that the Cavaliers can play any style of basketball. They can play small, big, fast, slow and have the height to match and mismatches any team can bring (Orlando, LA, Dallas). MIke Brown might just find out small equals a BIG success.


Cavaliers Looking to find yet another Identity

Though the Cleveland Cavaliers season has been so far successful, the Cavs must find yet another Identity. If you’re a true Cavs fan then you know the real Cavalier Identity, that is Defense. So what am I talking about Identity for? The Cavs have already found an Identity: Defense wins championships. Thursday, February 25th Shaq went up strong before Glen “Big Baby” Davis came swooping in and pulled Shaq’s thumb out-of-place. Shaq ended up leaving the game and did not return. Of course after that the Cavs ended up blowing out the Celtics 108-88.

After the Cavs made the trade for Antawn Jamison it left the Cavs with questions about who and when people will be playing. Who will start and how many minutes each with get. With Jamison on board that left the Cavs with Shaq, Jamison, Andy, Powe and JJ. However, Big Baby’s swipe at Shaq’s finger changed all of that again. The Cavs must find an Identity of how to play without a true center. The Cavs will have to learn to play fast and small while playing good defense all at the same time. Shaq will be undergoing surgery which means he will most likely be out 6-8 weeks. Which might actually be ok, giving Shaq rest and saving him for the real reason why we got him, to play against the Lakers and Magic.

Without Shaq and Z the Cavs are left without a true center. They must figure out how to play small and with a new addition of Jamison and the return of Powe the Cavs head coach Mike Brown might have to do his best coaching job in his years with the Cavaliers. If the Cavaliers don’t find out how to play without a true center until or if Z signs March 21st they might find themselves in a battle for the number one seed in the East, with the Magic playing well. The Cavaliers must be flexible again like they have been all year but be even more flexible. All season long they could match with any team, Cavs could go big, long, fast to match up with any team and still play their style. This time around Mike Brown will have to find that Identity without a true center, for now.