Prepare for History- Win or Lose

Remember back in 2002-2003 before the Cavaliers drafted LeBron James? They had a starting line-up of Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Carlos Boozer, Darius Miles, Ricky Davis and Milt Palacio and finished 17-65. People may not realize that was only eight years ago, but too many, it may seem like decades. That’s all because of a guy the Cavaliers selected number one overall by the name of LeBron James, who came fresh out of high school. That “guy” has changed the city of Cleveland dramatically by bringing an entirely new attitude.

In LeBron’s first season in a Cavalier uniform, he lead his team to 35 wins, doubling what the team had accomplished before he was drafted. It only took LeBron until his third season to take the Cavaliers to the postseason. Since then, LeBron has always put the Cavaliers in postseason conversations and Cleveland back on the basketball map. After a win earlier this month, the Cavaliers have posted back-to-back 60 plus wins in a season, something only eleven other teams have accomplished in the history on the NBA. This new winning attitude made long-lived Clevelanders believe a championship was coming very soon.

This attitude, however, has changed over the past few seasons. The Cavaliers have been in a position to win the NBA title since 2007, when LeBron lead his Cavaliers to the NBA finals, only to watch the title get swept away by the San Antonio Spurs. Then, in the 2008-2009 season, with the Cavaliers posting a record of 66-16 after trading for Mo Williams, fans started thinking this was the year to win it and finally have a major sports championship, only to watch the Cavaliers fall to the Orlando Magic in a surprising, shocking loss in the conference finals. A year later, the Cavaliers have Shaq, traded for Antawn Jamison, and a record of 61-18, a league-best , and have entered the postseason yet again, however with a different feeling than the last few seasons.

With so much at stake, this just might be the biggest postseason in Cleveland’s history. As everyone knows, LeBron James’ contract will end after this season, and Clevelanders can only assume the worst. Past events such as “The Drive” and “The Shot” have made many believe Cleveland is cursed. Many believe LeBron will leave and go play for New York if the Cavaliers do not win the championship this season, while others believe he will go play elsewhere even if they do win. This makes the Cavalier’s 2010 post-season possibly their last chance to win a championship for a long time.

With so much on the line, Cleveland can only sit back and watch the post-season with the rest of the world and wonder, regardless of the outcome, what will happen to Cleveland in the future, win or lose.


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