LeBron Deserves Rest- Stop the Complaining

It baffles me that ESPN columnists can go write such articles that makes LeBron an awful player for sitting out the last four meaningless games. It’s almost like they can’t write-up any articles about how amazing his 30 point, 8 rebound and 8 assist game the night before was. So, instead they write-up horrific articles that pin point him being the bad guy.

For more than a week the Cavaliers have clinched the best record in the NBA and will have home court advantage throughout the playoffs. So why is everyone talking about LeBron sitting out these last four games? Why is everyone saying he is no longer the MVP? All of this is non-sense, just flat-out idiocy. LeBron owes the fans? Please, maybe the fans owe him.

To say LeBron lost his MVP award (by the way he already won the award in December) is just outrageous and offensive. Last time someone checked, his PER (Player Efficiency Rating) was at 31.31. That is third best in history behind Michael Jordan and LeBron himself. That on top of leading a team to a league best 61-20 record, while averaging just over 29 points, 7.3 rebounds and a career best 8.6 assists shows why he deserves to rest for the playoffs. Oh, and stop comparing him to Michael Jordan, his game is more like Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson. So stop with all the chitchat about how Jordan played all 82 games no matter the circumstance. LeBron carries more weight on his shoulders than Jordan ever has. But really who cares what Jordan did, we are talking about LeBron, which has no comparison to Jordan what so ever.

Give money back to the fans? Please, keep the $192,437 your making per game and buy yourself something nice. Do not divide it and pay each of the 20 thousand fans for coming out to watch you play. Fans should know that you need the rest after a hard-fought season. It’s not fair to the fans? It’s not fair to LeBron to hear all this after what he has accomplished this season. Even if you pay 100 dollars for a great seat, watch the Cavs play. Do not call yourself a fan if you come only to watch LeBron and not the Cavs.

The playoff’s could not come soon enough, that way ESPN columnists can get back to writing how awesome this guy really is. Fans can get back to realizing how great he has played this season, and for myself, well I will sit back and watch everyone else eat their words.


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