“Orlando Cavaliers”

A 66-16 regular season record and going 8-0 in the first two rounds of the playoffs sounds like an NBA championship is coming very soon. Finishing the season 39-2 at home, with an NBA overall number one seed, the Cleveland Cavaliers thought they were in the driver’s seat to win an NBA Championship. That’s until they met the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals and lost 4-2. A series that many considered an upset after the Magic stole game 1 and the Cavaliers never recovered.

Orlando Shocked the Cavaliers in 2009

So here we are in 2010, while the Cavaliers lost to Boston in the Eastern Conference Semis, the Orlando Magic are back in the Eastern Conference Finals. Orlando is back but all looks way to similar for Cavalier fans. Although Orlando did not finish the regular season with the best record they entered the playoffs as one of the hottest teams in the league, just as Cleveland did in 2009. Orlando finished second in the conference with a 59-23 record. Throughout the 2010 playoffs Orlando swept their first two opponents, Charlotte and Atlanta. Orlando completely conquered both teams with sharp defense and sharp outside shooting, making them look invincible. Cavalier fans know all to well that is not a good look to have come ECF (Eastern Conference Finals) time.

Thanks to Boston on Sunday, I think everyone might have had a flashback to 2009; even Orlando might be having flashbacks. Just like Orlando last year, Boston went in on Sunday and beat Orlando in-game 1 of this series, 92-88 and stole home court advantage. Orlando was the talk of the Eastern Conference; with their stellar play the previous two rounds. However, Boston gave Orlando a beat down. The score does not indicate it, but Boston was up 20 points with 2 minutes remaining in the third quarter. Just like in 2009, the underdog got the better of the two teams in-game 1 of the Eastern Conference.

Boston is trying to do what Orlando did to Cleveland in 2009

Cavalier fans remember how that series ended in 2009. It ended with Orlando appalling the Cavaliers and advancing to the NBA Finals, after many picking Cleveland to handle Orlando and go on to win the Finals. Orlando stunned the world and it was because of a game 1 beat down of the Cavaliers. Now, Boston is trying to repeat history. After winning game 1 of the 2010 Eastern Conference Finals on Sunday, the rejuvenated Celtics are trying to do what Orlando did to Cleveland last year, shock the world.


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