Make or Break Summer- Tom Izzo?

While the Cavaliers main focus this summer is to re-sign LeBron, the Cavalier organization has created more than just LeBron this summer.

If LeBron re-signs he will have a new Head Coach and new teammates

With the firing of Mike Brown and the resigning of Danny Ferry the Cavaliers were without a General Manager and Head Coach, all while the top free agent (LeBron James) is looking for a place to win multiple championships, a good organization and a productive front office. The General Manager position has been filled by the assistant general manger Chris Grant, but the head coaching position is still a question. With other teams making changes and filling coaching positions Dan Gilbert and Chris Grant are feeling pressure to make a huge splash in the head coaching position.

Since the Cavaliers fired Mike Brown they have been linked with names such as; Bryon Scott, Avery Johnson, Phil Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy and Marc Jackson. The Cavaliers have also been linked with college head coaches such as, John Calipari, Mike Krzyzewski, and Tom Izzo. The most recent news is that the Cavaliers have made an offer to Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo.

Tom Izzo has won one NCAA Division 1 Championship in 2000 and has made six Regional Championships. He also has six Big Ten Championships and 2 Big Ten Coach of the Year awards, all of this while going 364-146 since 1995. Izzo is believed to be making close to 2.6 Million a year at Michigan State and Dan Gilbert is willing to double that offer and is believed to be offering a 5-6 year deal for 6 Million a year.

Tom Izzo to Cleveland? Don't count on it just yet.

Several people who are close to Izzo told Brian Windhorst they do not think Izzo will accept the offer. The main reason of course is because of the status of LeBron James and waiting for him to re-sign with the Cavaliers or go to another team.

“There is not a contract offer on the table,” Hollis said in a telephone interview with the AP. “Last week; there was talk that Chicago and New Jersey were interested. If I was anywhere but at Michigan State, I would be interested in Tom, too, because he’s the best coach in college basketball.” However, the Plain Dealer of Cleveland reported that Dan Gilbert did make an offer for 6 Million a year for 5 years.

Other rumors that are flying around the Cavaliers are trades. Brian Windhorst reported on ESPN Cleveland radio 850 am that the Cavaliers are looking to get a lottery pick for this year NBA Draft. Some are saying they are trying to get Philadelphia’s 2nd pick with taking Elton Brands contract off their hands. While Windhorst also stated that the Cavaliers are working with a west coast team in making a splash. Reports have stated that Monta Ellis is a prospect the Cavaliers are looking at hard. Other rumors today stated that Toronto and Cleveland have been discussing trade scenarios for Mo Williams. Hedo Turkolu has been a name that has been popped up for the Cavaliers as well.

Will Monta Ellis become a Cavalier this summer?

Whatever the Cavaliers are up to this summer it will make or break the franchise for the next 5 to 10 years. Making a right coaching choice, re-signing LeBron and then trading for the proper players to finally win a championship, what a first summer for Chris Grant.


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