Cavaliers in a Win-Win Situation

After the firing of Mike Brown, team owner, Dan Gilbert has had his eyes set on Tom Izzo to become the next Cleveland Cavalier head coach. Gilbert, a MSU graduate and from the Michigan area, has been in hot pursuit of Izzo. Gilbert has believed to offer Izzo a 5 year deal worth $30 Million dollars. Mr. Izzo still has yet to announce his decision to either stay at MSU and make another run at a NCAA Title, or switch to the NBA and become the next Larry Brown.

Could LeBron be standing next to Izzo in 2010?

The biggest question still has yet to be answered, and by now I think everyone knows that question is LeBron James. While LeBron James is enjoying the “Summer of LeBron” extravaganza, Cavalier fans are wondering if the hiring of Izzo will lure him back to Cleveland or (gasp) leave Cleveland. There have been recent reports ( that LeBron James wants to play under a coach that has played in the NBA and a proven coach who has won rings. That of course is just a rumor and of course could be false. Either way Cavalier fans have to look at this summer as a win-win situation, if it’s the hard way or the easy way. However, no matter how much LeBron’s decision this summer will affect the Cavaliers in the next decade, Tom Izzo’s might be even more important.

Cleveland fans have to take a hard look at the impact Tom Izzo (if he decides to take the job) will have with the team. If Izzo does indeed sign to be the next Cavalier Coach than Izzo might be the coach that can lure LeBron back to Cleveland. There are multiple reasons for this, a successful coach, a hard-nose coach and LeBron never did play for college, so playing under a legend in the NCAA might not be a bad thing for LeBron. Izzo’s signing will give the Cavaliers a complete different look with rumors that Izzo will want Eric Snow and Lawrence Frank as assistants. This might be the fresh start that LeBron needs and playing under someone who knows how to get the best out of his players is always a positive.

Izzo’s signing could also lead to the negative impact of LeBron as well. LeBron has stated multiple times that he wants to win, and win now. Izzo might need a year or two to reach the promise land. LeBron has also stated that he wants to play under a proven coach who has won rings and will give him the best chance to win multiple Championships. Signing Izzo could leave LeBron to question the Cavaliers aspiration to win right away.

Izzo might be the right man for the job after all.

The hardest thing to do if you’re a Cavalier fan is to think of this situation as a win-win. If Izzo signs with the Cavaliers and lure LeBron back to Cleveland then great. LeBron will learn under a great mind and a very triumphant college coach. However, if LeBron decides to bolt out-of-town then fans must think that Izzo is a great starting block. Izzo will develop young players and get the most out of them, and have the Cavaliers back into contention before you know it. Rebuilding with Izzo is not always a bad thing and if LeBron were to leave then I think Tom Izzo is the man to rebuild a franchise.

What seemed like a long shot to sign Izzo has now turned into a reality. With July 1st, looming, the Cavaliers must be thinking to themselves that they are in good hands either way.


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