What’s Next?

So much for Tom Izzo, The Michigan State legend decided to turn down Dan Gilbert and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

That leaves the Cavaliers with multiple questions about what is the next move the Cavaliers will make. Who will be the next coach on the Cavaliers radar? Are there any moves the Cavaliers will make that will be considered blockbuster
trades, or moves?

Will Byron Scott be the next Cleveland head coach?

Since the Cavaliers got turned down by Tom Izzo, the Cavaliers have three coaches on their radar for top candidates. Candidates such as; Byron Scott, Mike Woodson, Phil Jackson (If chooses to leave LA), and Jeff Van Gundy. Some other candidates that might be considered are: former Nets coach Lawrence Frank, Lakers assistant, Brian Shaw and maybe even former Cavalier guard Eric Snow.

Byron Scott- Probably the Cavaliers biggest target as of today (assuming Jackson stays). Bryon Scott was a shooting guard in the NBA from 1983-1998, scoring over 15,000 NBA points. Byron Scott also coached the New Jersey Nets from 2000-2004. He coached them to two NBA Finals appearances, failing to win either. He then coached the New Orleans Hornets from 2005-2009. He coached the Hornets in 2008 to a 56-26 record, earning head coach of the year. He coached the Hornets to multiple postseason berths.

Mike Woodson- The Cavaliers have had discussions with Woodson to become the next head coach. He coached the Atlanta Hawks from 2004-2010. He led the Atlanta Hawks to a season record improvement every single season he was there. He coached the Hawks to a 53-29 record in 2010 and a 3rd seed in the east.

Phil Jackson- The Cavaliers have not contacted Jackson because of his postseason run with the Lakers. If he opts to leave the Lakers you can sure count the Cavaliers to contact him. He has won 11 rings now and is a future Hall of Famer, what else is there to say?

Lawrence Frank- A young, energized Frank coached the New Jeresey Nets from 2003-2009. He coached the Nets to four playoff berths losing in three Conference Semifinals and one first round series. Frank is considered to be on the Cavaliers radar for head coach or assistant head coach position.

As for the trade rumors, the Cavaliers have been involved with a lot. Brian Windhorst reported a few weeks ago that the Cavs have been in contact with a west coast team to make a blockbuster trade. A trade that has become a rumor that the Cavaliers are looking to trade for Monta Ellis and their 6th pick in the first round.

The Cavaliers have contacted the Raptors about Chris Bosh.

Another rumor has it that the Cavaliers have had talks with the Toronto Raptors about Mo Williams, a trade that most certainly have Delonte West in it as well, for Hedo Turkolu. It was also reported on June 19th that the Cavaliers have contacted the Raptors about Chris Bosh as well.

My Prediction: Bryon Scott will become our next head coach as the Cavaliers will work out a blockbuster trade, getting a decent player in return and a pick in the draft.


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