The Draft Effect

When NBA Commissioner David Stern took the podium many already knew what name was going to be call, John Wall. However, while John Wall’s name was called many people in the back of their minds were thinking, how each pick was going to affect LeBron James decision. So what teams did have affects on LeBron and what teams put them in the best position to land LeBron?

Chicago– The Bulls are now considered the favorite to land LeBron, thanks to a trade that sent Kirk Hinrich and their 17th pick to the Wizards, this allowed the Bulls to open their cap space and now are capable to sign two max deals for the free-agent class. This could land a combo of LeBron, Wade, Johnson, Bosh or many others to play with an already young talented group of Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Tai Gibson.

Will LeBron be playing in-front of Jay-Z next season?

New Jersey— the Nets also had a great draft. They took Derrick Favors with the 3rd pick and Jordan Crawford with the 27th pick. Two young players who could turn into all-stars and have solid careers. The Nets also have a young core, players such as, Devin Harris, Brook Lopez (one of the best young centers in the game), Courtney Lee and now Favors and Crawford. The Nets also have enough money to sign two max deals as well, a team with the worst record of 10-72 last season could end up in a deep playoff run next year.

Miami—Dwayne Wades house, the Heat also traded their pick to the Thunder to gain money for the free-agent class. The Heat now also has enough money to sign two max deals. The money could lure a deadly combination of LeBron, Wade, and Bosh could win multiple championships.

Teammates next year? Maybe.

So while those three teams made moves to improve their chances of landing the big prized this July, others made moves or didn’t make any moves that might have hurt their chances.

Cleveland— with so many rumors the Cavaliers were going to buy a draft pick and make a major trade, the front office could not get anything done. Even though Grant and Gilbert tried all night they could not get anything done. The Cavaliers could not accomplish anything and might have hurt their chances of landing LeBron. A team with a bunch of role players and aging players, the Cavaliers are in a tough position. Without a coach and may not have enough to make a move the Cavaliers may have to rely on hoping LeBron loves Cleveland to much to leave.

These workers might be taking down the LeBron poster soon enough.

New York— lets just say the Knicks had a terrible draft. Andy Rautins may have an outside stroke but he won’t be nothing more than a 3 point shooter who most likely will play for 10 teams in his career. He is not a building block and nothing more than a below average role player. The Knicks also drafted Laundry Fields, a 6-7 foot small forward that is a below average shooter and defensive guy. Another player who most likely will disappear in the league. The Knicks really hurt themselves in the draft and it seems LeBron is continuing to lean away from New York.

So while many teams took advantage of the draft others did not take advantage. LeBron will make his final decision soon enough, and his decision may come down to the best chance for him to become a champion.

Which way will LeBron go

Prediction—LeBron will listen to each teams offer and will love to have all eyes on him. He may prolong his decision because he loves being the center of attention. LeBron may realize that Chicago is too good to pass up and I think he will go to Chicago and play alongside Rose, Noah and another free-agent.


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