More than Just Leaving

Back when the Cavaliers played their season in 2002-2003 they finished 17-65, a team that was at its low and the laughing-stock of the NBA. Then the Cavaliers finally got some luck and won the lottery, drafting the player that was going to save Cleveland and win the city its first major championship since 1964. The “Chosen One” arrived in Cleveland.

His name was LeBron James as all of you know. He put Cleveland back on the map and the city was lively once again with a special buzz in the air every night. He led the Cavaliers to multiple division crowns and the Cavaliers only NBA Finals appearance in franchise history on 2007. LeBron also broke multiple Cavalier records such as points, assists and winning multiple MVP awards. James always gave the city excitement and reasoning to come hangout in downtown Cleveland every night. However, all of that changed Thursday July 8, 2010 at 9:27 PM.

On National Television, LeBron went live and announced what his decision was. A ridiculous one hour special TV show called “The Decision” that went all wrong for Clevelanders. After hearing he would announce his decision live on television, Cleveland fans including Cavalier Beat Writer, Brian Windhorst thought for sure that LeBron would re-sign with the Cavs. There was no way that LeBron would make his hometown and the team that gave him so much look bad on National Television, right?

LeBron announced his decision on Nation Televison

That is exactly what LeBron James did. He sat at the stage, with a button down polo knowing that the entire world was watching. He announced that he was going to “Go take his game to South Beach” and play with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

What a slap in the face to the city of Cleveland and the franchise. LeBron did not even thank the fans of Cleveland for the great support they gave the young man. LeBron did not thank Dan Gilbert or any of his now former teammates for all the great times they had together.

LeBron has changed over the past year, he seemed to have a different swagger about him, and it showed on “The Decision”. LeBron has a huge ego and is very “Hollywood”. On the hourly special LeBron seemed like he could not careless about the city of Cleveland and what that franchise has done for him because he is going to South Beach and nothing could be better.

LeBron will never wear a Cleveland Jersey again

LeBron did more than just leave Cleveland, he screwed Cleveland. He made the entire city look bad on National Television and then had the nerve to smile. However, LeBron did way more than just make Cleveland look bad.

LeBron screwed the franchise’s hope of winning a title for many years now. A team that was built around LeBron and a front office that did everything the man could have asked. LeBron ran the show around Cleveland and Dan Gilbert did everything to make that young man happy, and because of that the Cavaliers now will not win a championship for a little longer. A team that was built to win a championship now is a team now without LeBron and a bunch of bad contracts and aging players.

I strongly believe that LeBron knew he was leaving Cleveland long before this entire process. I believe that he knew that he would be teammates with Wade and Bosh when this summer came around. However, why not let the Cavaliers know that? By not telling Dan Gilbert and Chris Grant until July 9th the Cavaliers have no chance to quickly recover.

It is mind-boggling that LeBron would do such a thing to a franchise and city that loved him so much. If LeBron would have simply told the Cavaliers he was leaving then the team could have stopped wasting its time on him and try to sign another free agent.

However, the team and fans waited around for LeBron to make his choice and got backstabbed on National Television. So the franchise is now without its hometown hero, and has a team full of bad contracts and aging players with no chance to improve, all because of LeBron and his terrible ego about himself.

The self-claimed “Chosen One” and “King” is no longer neither of those. How can someone like LeBron call himself the “Chosen One” and “King” when he choose to go play in another superstars building? He left his legacy to be a “Pippen” to Wade. He just gave up on his legacy to take an easy way of winning an NBA Title. That to me is being a coward and someone who was afraid to live up to the legacy that was “Chosen” for him. He took a backseat to winning a Championship and gave up on his hometown and city for an easy way out.

Look for these jerseys to be the big seller this off-season

Dan Gilbert and former GM Danny Ferry spent 7 years trying to find that so-called “Pippen” to play alongside LeBron. Spent so much time looking for the “Robin” of LeBron’s batman and this whole time LeBron was the actual Robin. LeBron was the person who needed a Michael Jordan next to him. LeBron will never be in the class of Jordan, Magic, Kobe, Russell, Oscar because he took a backseat.

The decision to play in Miami left many to wonder, why? Sure it is a great chance to win multiple championships but LeBron is now never going to have as many rings as Dwyane Wade will have. LeBron will always have one less than Wade. If anything this free agency will help Dwyane Wade’s legacy out the most.

Hopefully one day LeBron will look back to that night and wished he had it all back and do it differently. Until then, LeBron James is Art Modell 2.0 and I cannot wait until the Heat are in town in the upcoming season.


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