August 26th notes for Cavalier fans

No big blog tonight as there is not much to talk about tonight. Since “The Decision” and some signings by the Cavaliers there really hasn’t been a whole lot to talk about. That is besides the Cavaliers jersey changes, if you don’t know what I’m talking about just scroll down. Other than that here are some updates notes for us Cavalier fans.

–The Cavs are reportedly looking at Juan Dixon. Try not to jump out of your seat in excitement

This could be the newest member of the Cavaliers soon

–Danny Ferry is officially back with his old team, the San Antonio Spurs. He will be back working in the front offices. I liked Danny Ferry so I’m glad he got a good job with a great franchise.

–According to GM Chris Grant , Anderson Varejao and his ankle will be ok for training camp. He will not miss anytime.

–Also according to GM Chris Grant, new head coach Byron Scott has not made up his mind on who will start at the 4. Everyone is saying JJ Hickson will start but Grant insisted that the position is wide open.

–Chinese investment group that was supposed to buy 15% of the Cavaliers last season never went through. It was reported that the Cavs and the Chinese group will never bond.

Hang in there Cavs fans,

Jake Dorow


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